Why Choose Northridge

Northridge Elementary educators are committed to high levels of learning for every student by prioritizing student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and community engagement.


As Northridge Nighthawks, we soar as learners through hard work and determination, achieving our highest potential.

Vision for Learning

We follow Alpine School District’s Vision for Learning to help our students acquire the essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions in each content area, and the fundamental capacities of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity, citizenship, and character.

School Overview

Grades Served 
Preschool – Grade 6

Alpine School District

Kimberly Plank

Total Student Enrollment

Student Teacher Ratio

Student Proficiency

Northridge Elementary School Goals

School-Wide Achievement

As measured by school and grade level assessments 60% of students in Kindergarten through 6th grade will make typical or above average growth in Language Arts Proficiency (compared to 57% the previous year).  In math, the proficiency rate will increase by 2% from the previous year (73% to 75%). 

Student Group Achievement

Students at Northridge Elementary will focus on the two of the 6 C’s, collaboration and character, to build social skills and to decrease student misbehaviors. 

Student Connection

1. Greet each student everyday by name
2. Every student has a job
3. Label every desk with student names
4. Use positive language

Programs at the Core of Northridge

Utah Core Standards

Curriculum used by the teachers at Northridge Elementary is developed  by the Utah State Board of Education. The curriculum is a list of standards available at uen.org that delineates learning content essential for all students to be college & career ready. 

Ready Math

Ready Math is a program aligned closely with the Utah Core Standards which provide materials and lessons that create a rich classroom environment in which all students at all levels become active, problem solvers. The program contains separate materials for interventions & enrichment. 


Wonders Reading program is aligned closely with the Utah Core Standards. The lessons are utilized as a supplemental to teach the Utah Core Standards at the teacher’s discretion. The program provides research based scaffolding to ensure student success.

Intervention & Enrichment Programs

Northridge Elementary has a diverse set of learners with different needs. Some students need intervention to overcome struggles in learning. Other students master standards quickly and need extension opportunities to continue learning. We offer several programs and opportunities to meet these needs and ensure that all students learn at high levels.

The STEM Lab

Northridge Elementary has a designated STEM Lab full of science materials. All teachers may use the room as needed on a sign up basis to complete projects.

1:1 Technology

In order to increase equity, Northridge Elementary will have 1 Chromebook per student to utilize by the end of the year. Computers are used to enhance or to provide additional support intervene for learning. 

Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books is a reading incentive program. Students read books and demonstrate their knowledge of the books they read in a game show format. 

Field Trips

Field Trips provide students an opportunity to expand their learning outside the normal classroom experience. Students at Northridge participate in field trips yearly. 

LETRs Training

Letrs is a training program for teachers to strengthen their knowledge of how to develop the foundational literacy skills such as decoding and language comprehension with students. All classroom teachers participate two years in this extensive training to support reading. 

iReady Math

i-Ready is an online supplemental program to the core Ready math instruction program. This program helps teachers determine student’s needs, personalize their learning, provide intervention or enrichment, and monitor progress throughout the school year. 


The 95 Phonics Core Program is taught to 2nd and 3rd grade providing whole class instruction 20 minutes a day as part of a comprehensive reading and language arts program. The program additionally provides research based intervention lessons to help fill gaps that struggling readers may have. 

Specialty Classes at Northridge


Northridge Elementary is the proud recipient of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson (BTS) Art Grant. This funding provides art enrichment to all students. Students attend a minimum of one 30 minute session a week in this specialty program.  


Computer classes introduce students to the basics of computer use, keyboarding, cyber-safety, coding, and the various software programs for academic purposes. Students attend computers twice a week in this specialty program.

Physical Education

Northridge students have the opportunity to create foundations of health from an early age utilizing a curriculum developed to enhance all aspects of a student’s healthy living. Student attend PE classes twice a week in this specialty program.


Northridge students have the opportunity to attend Library once a week. During this time, students learn how use the library catalog, and the Dewey Decimal System. They also enjoy a story time with our fabulous librarian. 

Extra Curricular Activites at Northridge


Ballroom is an extra curricular activity offered after school for students in 3rd grade at up. Students have the opportunity to participate one to two days a week after school until 4:35 pm. Enrollment takes place at the beginning of the school year.


Students in 4th through 6th grades are invited to join the excellent Northridge Choir. The choir has performed at various events including at the Utah State Capitol Building. Choir practice takes place three times a week before school. 


Led by the prodigious Mrs. Vest, students in 2nd through 6th Grades have the opportunity to participate in the Northridge Orchestra. There are two groups, beginning and advanced. Orchestra practice for both groups takes place twice a week before school. 

Musical Theater

Northridge and Windsor Elementary are proud to present The Little Mermaid Jr. for this year’s school musical. In partnering up, we are able to cast every role and have a plethora of teachers/volunteers help make this spectacular performance come to life.

Student Council

6th Grade students have the opportunity to apply at the beginning of the year to be apart of Northridge Elementary’s student council. Students attend a leadership conference, help with fundraising, plan & host assemblies, create school-wide events, and more. 


Open to all grade levels, students are invited to be on the Yearbook team. Led by Ms. Baker, students learn to photograph events throughout the school year and create the yearbook for other students to purchase, documenting this moment in history. 

Traditions at Northridge

Today, Northridge Elementary honors the traditions that were established when the doors first opened back in 1979. Each year, these time-honored traditions are something that families can enjoy together. They create memories that unite our community.

Drumline welcome

Traditions start on the first day of school as Staff Members welcome students through a lively Drumline procession into the building! This is a perfect photo opportunity as families wish their children well as they go back to school.

Fall Festival

Partnering with the businesses in our community, the Northridge PTA hosts a Fall Festival Fundraiser each year which includes a silent auction, food trucks, and activities for the whole family to enjoy!

Halloween Parade

To show off their costumes on Halloween, students march in a parade, weaving through the hallways. Families are invited to attend as students make their way through a family designated area led by the school principal. 

Veterans Day

Honoring those that serve, each year Northridge Elementary hosts a Veterans Day Assembly. Veterans from the community are invited to attend as students learn about why this day is so important to remember.  


A Merry Christmas Northridge Elementary! On the last day before the Holiday Break, students wear their pajamas and gather around to sing carols and perform songs for each other. 


Valentines day is celebrated as Friendship Day at Northridge Elementary. Classes have parties. Prior to the parties, students create mailboxes and Valentine Friendship notes and pass them out at the class party. 

The Space Center

To give students opportunities beyond the classroom, 6th grade students experience the Christa McAuliffe Space Center entering an immersive environment that involves leadership, engineering, science and more.

Clear Creek

5th Grade Students have the opportunity to experience Alpine School District’s outdoor education camp. Students participate in premier activities such as ropes courses, stream study, tree & flower hikes, field book sketching, fossil studies, erosion tables, and more!

Hope of America

Organized by America’s Freedom Festival, 5th Grade students participate in a musical program designed to teach students about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, how the government works, an appreciation for the military and other American Heroes, promoting a love of country.

The Spring Art Show

Research supports that arts-integrated instruction effectively increases student performance in every subject. Each Spring, Northridge Elementary hosts an Art Show to showcase student work created throughout the school year. 

The Dance Festival

In 1979, when Northridge Elementary first opened its doors, the year ended with a dance festival celebration. While the dance festival has not happened every year, it is a long standing tradition that will resume the 2022-2023 school year. 

Field Day

What childhood experience is complete without the traditional Field Day during the last week of school? Northridge Elementary is not about to let that happen. At the end of each school year, students participate in outdoor fun activities creating the memories that last a lifetime. 

Running Club

Hosted by the PTA, the Northridge Running club takes place in the Spring and Fall during lunch recess. Students who wish to participate must sign a wavier before heading over to the track behind the school. PTA Parents are stationed around the track to ensure student safety as students run as many laps as they can. Laps are tracked on the PTA board outside the small gym in the building. 

Rockin Recess

On Fridays, at lunch recess popular (edited/clean) songs are blasted outside. Hosted by the Northridge PTA, students enjoy laughing, playing, and dancing while the music blares creating an exciting recess after a week’s worth of hard work!

Grade Level Programs

Showcasing what students have learned, each grade level hosts a program highlighting a connection to their grade level curriculum. Students and families are invited as the grade performs dramatizations , sing songs, or recite poems of things they have learned in a unit of study. 


PTA Reflections is open to students each year. There is a theme and different categories that students may submit projects in. 1st Place projects move on to regional PTA Reflections. 

Steam Night

Steam Night is a must attend event for the whole family. Hosted by the Northridge PTA, this annual event provides a variety of activities that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music. 

SPirit Days

Every Friday, staff and students are encouraged to wear their school shirts. On the third Friday of the month, the Northridge PTA hosts a contest for which classes show the most school spirit. 

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