I try to walk the halls in the morning and greet the students and teachers.  The other morning as I was visiting Northridge, I heard one student enter the school and remark with a big smile: “ahh… I love school.”  I have reflected on that statement many times since then.  Does every child at school feel that way?  What contributing factors led this student to have such a positive experience?  Is there a way to ensure every child feels the same?

I want you to know that as a school, we are dedicated to doing our best each day to ensure that every child has a positive experience.  We want all students to love school, and to make those important connections with their peers and teachers.  We have such dedicated teachers, and I am confident in their abilities as professionals.  Your students are in good hands.

As we continue to develop our collaborative partnership, I know we will find ways to address each student’s individual needs.  Thank you for your continued support of our school and the privilege of being able to educate your child. Each time I am here at Northridge, I can’t help but say to myself: “ahh, I love this school”.

Eric Woodhouse