By May 9, 2017 Announcements



SATURDAY, MAY 20, 9:00-2:00 PM


Dear Parents, Students and Teachers,

Come join us for one last celebration!  Events for the Day of Color will be ongoing throughout the day.  The following events are described by our awesome Nighthawk student leaders who will be organizing and running the day:

Chalk the Sidewalk – 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.   Show up early to start coloring your sidewalk spot, and then come at 1:30 for a huge pit of color! All squares are FREE this year, but you must reserve your spot in the office beginning Monday, May 8. 257 sections are available of varying size & condition. All squares will be marked with their numbers. Small box of pastel chalk will be sold for $2 each. If you have your own, feel free to bring it.

Color Pit :  1:30-2:00 PM  If you want an adventure, come celebrate and get covered in chalk in our Color Pit. Color packets can be released in the Color Pit Zone.  Color packets are for sale for $2 each. 

Food Trucks – 11a-12p  A portion of the money spent at the food trucks will be returned to our school and go towards our STEAM education kits for our amazing teachers.

Teacher Supplies Donations-  Now until day of color- Come support Isaac Glenn with his Eagle Project to help gather teacher supplies for our fantastic learning endeavors next year!  Please go to the following link and put your name down under one of the supplies you would be willing to donate to the cause! 



    “As Northridge Nighthawks we soar as learners, through hard work and determination, achieving our highest potential”