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Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teacher Appreciation Next Week:  It’s that time of year when we get to tell and show our entire staff at Northridge how much we love and appreciate them! We invite you and your students to find ways to show how wonderful we think each staff member is. Attached are a few templates of letters and notes that we know the teachers would love! Maybe you could have your student fill one out and give it to their teacher one day. On Tuesday and Thursday we would like to focus on serving and showing our staff our gratitude. Please encourage your students to be on their extra good behavior and look for ways to help in the classroom and around the school. A few ideas are: stay in from recess to help with a job in the classroom, offer to clean something, offer for a custodian or lunch helper to sit down and take a break while they complete a task for them. And of course we invite parents to come in and help show their appreciation as well. Let’s make sure our Super Staff knows and feels the love from all of us!

Teacher Appreciation Idea 

Teacher Appreciation Idea 2 

As Northridge Nighthawks we soar as learners through hard work and determination, achieving our highest potential.